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We have created a team of employees who attend professional training courses and are prepared to handle any situation that arises with a composure that gives the client peace of mind.

CEO Ahmet Kaya

Rwanda Cargo

You can also benefit from our services as Rwanda Cargo, a company that always provides the best services in the air cargo sector and delivers the shipments on time. We safely deliver the shipments of all our corporate and individual customers to their recipients. You can send cargo from our country to all cities of Rwanda. You can transport all kinds of products through our company. Thanks to the modern and planned transportation system, you can follow your shipments step by step. Rwanda Cargo has provided the tracking system for you from the delivery of your shipment until it reaches the recipient. Our smooth-running transportation system delivers the cargo to the recipient on time. All transport services are provided flawlessly. You can meet your air cargo requests from our company with our aircraft fleet, experienced and experienced friendly staff.

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What Makes Us Special

Our strengths and advantages set us apart from our competitors, meeting the demands of all our customers.

Competitive Odds

Offer low cost for shipping and logistics services

Punctual on Time

On-time delivery guaranteed with all our customers

Advanced technology

Improve our performance with modern technology

Fast and Reliable

A mandatory requirement for logistics companies

24/7 Support

We answer all your questions whenever you need us

Safe Packaging

Ensure cargo safety with our careful packaging